The Academy of Electronic Arts
[also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts]

S E R V I C E S:

We look to serve the application, evolution and spread of eCreativity into the future in every good way possible, by drawing upon varying matrices of the vast pool of outstanding professionals, researchers, academics and institutions whom we connect with and network all over the world.


[i] Institutions, Governments, Corporations & Businesses are invited to commission us or otherwise associate with us on Design, Development, Deployment, Management and also Evaluation of Public as well as Internal Projects, Products, Events, Processes, Surveys, Scenario-Casting, Documentation, Benchmarking, Awareness Programs, Training, R&D, Outreach and all other Affairs or Entities either driven by or otherwise associated with e-Creative Practices and Technologies

[ii] Individuals practicing or otherwise associated with eCreativity are warmly invited to exploit The AeA as an Institutional Umbrella under which to carry forward independent good work in every good way possible


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S. Korea Roadshow ~ 2014
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