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... and on the Fringe: Electroacoustics Workshop [pdf]

The 3rd annual Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave (CeC & CaC, pronounced "Sek & Sak") was played out across several venues of India International Centre, in New Delhi, India, through February 15-16-17, 2008 (a Friday-Saturday-Sunday in springtime, as usual).

All possible goodwill, association and support is invited and welcomed from all quarters, for future iterations, as well as for other good works.

Main Auditorium

February 15-16-17


Friday, February 15, 2008. 6:30pm

Ashhar Farooqui (aka 'ToyMob' ~ Sampling & Composition) & Prashant Yashpal (aka 'VJ PixelTweak' ~ Video)
Bettina Wenzel (Extended Voice, and Video), + duo with Lawrence Casserley (Signal Processing Instrument)
Matthew "Hardoff" John Davey (Pure Data Junkhouse)

Saturday, February 16, 2008. 6:30pm

Curtis Bahn (eDilruba)
Ajay Kapur (eSitar & MahaDeviBot)
"Seknsak" ~ Aparna Panshikar (Vocals) / Lawrence Casserley (Signal Processing Instrument) / Curtis Bahn (eSitar & Live-Audio-Processing) / Ansuman Biswas (Vocals & Percussion)

Sunday, February 17, 2008. 6:30pm

"Computational Poetics Group" ~ Martin Gotfrit (Guitars & Live-Audio-Processing) / Aleksandra Dulic (Live-Video Processing) / Kenneth Newby (Violin & Live-Audio-Processing)
"Experimental Ecstacy" ~ Improvisational Collaborations

Main Auditorium
February 16 & 17


February 16, 2008 (9:30am-5:30pm,.. with lunch-break)
Chairperson, morning-session: Lawrence Casserley
Chairperson, afternoon-session: Martin Gotfrit

Shankar Barua (India) [http:] ~ upon The Academy of Electronic Arts, and also CeC & CaC
Dhanya Pilo (aka VJ DeCOY) (India) [http:] ~ upon making and playing video to music as a VJ in Mumbai
Naman Thakar & Avik Chandra [guide: Jignesh Khakhar] (India) [http:] ~ upon student work at the National Institute of Design on 3D interactive platforms for creating music and other applications
Thomas Munz (Germany) [http:] ~ upon curating programs for one of the world's largest annual media festivals (transmediale)
Matthew "Hardoff" John Davey (Japan / Australia) [http:] ~ upon *live* dance-club performance with electroacoustics (as opposed to spinning premixes)
Ashhar Farooqui (aka 'ToyMob') & Prashant Yashpal (aka 'VJ PixelTweak') (India) [http:] ~ upon making music, and video, on thoughts, themes,... or even a book-chapter
Aparna Panshikar (India) [http:] ~ upon experimentations in pairing Hindustani Classical Vocals with electroacoutics
Curtis Bahn (USA) [http:] ~ upon incorporating ancient cultural sensibilities into the newest of creative technologies
Ajay Kapur (India / USA) [http:] ~ upon preservation and extension of North Indian Music, using sensors, machine learning & robotics
Ansuman Biswas (India / UK) [http:] ~ upon what he thinks really matters in all such matters,.. at the end of the day

February 17, 2008 (9:30am-5:30pm,.. with lunch-break)
Chairperson, morning-session: Ansuman Biswas
Chairperson, afternoon-session: Curtis Bahn

Arun Mehta (India) [http:] ~ upon developing and deploying technologies to empower the challenged amongst us
Florian Thalhofer (Germany) [http:] ~ upon the films he has made, using the Korsakow System software that he invented to create database narratives
Ruchira Parihar (India) [http:] ~ upon going out into the big bad world after surviving perhaps the finest design education in India
Darshan Duggar & Jugs Sandhu (India)[http:] ~ upon performance as an art-form in itself
Bettina Wenzel (Germany) [http:] ~ upon voice extension by technology, and also upon video-processing by voice
Brinda Chudasama Miller (India) [http:] ~ upon extending a fine-art practice into also commissioning short-creative-videoworks,.. by the unlikliest of people
Shrikant Agawane (India) ~ upon films that he and his friends have been making as students of filmmaking in the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
Martin Gotfrit & Kenneth Newby & Aleksandra Dulic (Canada) [http:] ~ upon creative poetics in live-performance, empowered and extended by code-writing
Rishab Parmar & Nitin Bal Chauhan (India) ~ upon synergizing a young Architect's imagination and creativity with that of a young Fashion Designer's, to address an unusual creative opportunity together

Gandhi-King Plaza

February 15-16-17
(ground control ~ Ruchira Parihar)

Independent Exhibits
Ruchira Parihar ~ "Of a girl.. and her stories" [http:]
Nitin Bal Chauhan ~ "I Cannot See My Content Face".. a comment on the treatment meted out to PoWs,... and also a way of saying that e-waste, too, can be recycled
Rishab Parmar ~ "Sheep in a Cityscape"
Shankar Barua ~ "A framed print that I just needed to see hung up myself" .. which has earlier been printed pretty large and exhibited/hung elsewhere

Retrospective of Select Digital-Still-Imaging Artists
from The IDEA series of CD-Gazettes
Gandhi-King Plaza. February 15-16-17

Zazie (Austria) [http:]
Nilanjan Das (India)
Bruce Eves (Canada) [http:]
Tom Chambers (USA) [http:]
Margie Labadie (USA) [http:]
Elena Ray (USA) [http:]
David Camp (USA) [http:]
Joe Nalven (USA) [http:]
Roopesh Sitharan (Malaysia) [http:]
Pankuj Parashar (India)
Warren Furman (USA) [http:]
Chaz Maviane-Davies (Zimbabwe) [http:]
Afanassy Pud (Russia) [http:]
Gerald O'Connell (UK) [http:]
Maurizio Manzieri (Italy) [http:]
Pieter Zandvliet (Netherlands) [http:]
Bob Schuchman (USA) [http:]
Melvin Strawn (USA) [http:]
Tibor Kovacs-egri (Hungary) [http:]
Sophie Gaur (India / Australia)
Ansgard Thomson (Canada) [http:]
Jaideep Mehrotra (India) [http:]
John Antoine Labadie (USA) [http:]
Siegfried Schreck (Germany) [http:]
Karin Kuhlmann (Germany) [http:]
Istvan Horkay (Hungary) [http:]
Ileana Frometa Grillo (Venezuela) [http:]
Hans-Georg Turstig (Germany / USA) [http:]

Screenings of Short Creative Videoworks
& Unaccompanied Presentations

Conference Room #2
(February 16-17, 2008. 09:30am to 05:00pm, with breaks)


Jerome Soudan (France):
Mimetic Desire ~ Sacred Aim ~ 10th anniversary of 10 chapters of funky electroacoustics & video. [59:00, excerpts only]

Marco Villani (Italy):
ReadyMadeLife ~ from Surveillance Videos [06:34]
Biopolitic ~ from Medical Videos [07:18]
Urban Life ~ On the relationship between urban landscape and life [07:19]

Shrikant Agawane (India):
Chapter 3 ~ diploma film, Satyajit Ray Film & Televison Institute, 2007 [22:00]
Chachajani ka Ghost [04:00]
City Zen [04:00]

Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy):
Operazione Sinestesia ~ overview stills from various projects [08:00]
Caos Sinestetico ~ video about an active 'art-video' [07:05]

Jenny Brown (Australia):
Yen Hegemony [01:40]

Patrick Fontana (France):
Grenze ~ performance video, [50:00, excerpts only]

Caterina Davinio (Italy):
Poem in Red [05:44]

Katherine Moriwaki & Jonah Brucker-Cohen (USA):
MIDI Scrapyard Challenge ~ creating instruments from scrap since 2003 [08:14]
Parvez Imam:
Train Song ~ premiering another new film, after the last one he so premiered last year went on to triumphantly travel the world [08:00]


transmediale .07 "UNFINISH!"
Duration of the DVD: 73 min.
Trailer (skip)
One Short Story [1] ~ Alexandra Crouwers (nl/be), 2006 [03:00]
Schaefferiennes - urbaines ~ Blas Payri (es), 2005-2006 [07:44]
The Black Museum ~ Matthias Meyer (de), 2006 [04:32]
In All Honesty There's Nothing I'd like More ~ Claire Hope (uk), 2005 [07:40]
The Chronic Argonauts ~ Javier Toscano (mx), 2006 [10:50]
AVVA:RAGTAG ~ Billy Roisz & Toshimaru Nakamura (jp), 2006 [05:00]
A Day to Remember ~ Liu Wei (cn), 2005 [13:00]
Cabinet ~ Tim Shore (uk), 2006 [18:20]

Epica Awards 2006/07:
DVD duration: 100:00

103 Winners & Selected Finalists from the EU's premier award for televison and cinema commercials

Looking at Gandhi:
Seven short films made by non-professional film makers (who also happen to be celebrities), curated by Sudhir Mishra, and coordinated by Brinda Chudasama Miller, for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2007
DVD duration: [26:00]

A Tribute to Gandhi and Music ~ by Talat Aziz (Musician) [04:41]
Awakening ~ by Samir Sheth (Businessman) [04:20]
Gandhi in 5 Minutes ~ Jaideep Mehrotra (Fine Artist) [06:12]
Art Wall for Mrs.Gandhi ~ Krsna Mehta (Textile Designer) & Anurag Tyagi [03:15]
Yahaan Gandhi Bikta Nahin ~ Vikram Bawa (Fashion Photographer) [07:18]
At the Chocolate Shop ~ Zeba Kohli (Chocolatier) & Kailash Surendranath [17:03]
Gandhi through the Eyes of the Young ~ Rachna Korhonen (Diplomat) [04:28]

VIDA 9.0 ~ Art & Artificial Life, 2006-07
An International Competition run by Fundacion Telefonica (Spain)
Facilitated for this screening by Arco 2007
DVD duration - 59:41
sweaty bot [09:14]
string wave theory [06:26]
ex-dd (e.g. funky eyeball controller) [04:55]
Petrushka's Cry [03:22]
Flocking Messengers [06:13]
Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me) [07:43]
Autoinducer_Ph-1 (cross cultural chemistry) [07:08]
Proyecto BIOPUS [06:07]
Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot [04.25]
SVEN [03:52]

NewMediaFest2007 - "Cinematheque" - Slowtime/Dreamtime 2007
Selection curated by Agricola de Cologne
Compilation duration: 58 min

The Machine of Memory ~ Marco Batista 2006 [01:30]
Happy Days ~ Larissa Sansour 2005 [03:10]
New York City Bobdance ~ Jon Keith Brunelle 2007 [04:56]
The Changing Man ~ Rami Fischler 2007 [02:58]
The Dream ~ Artur Augustynowicz 2006 [01:32]
Bareback - serial DIScharge ~ Wilfried Agricola de Cologne 2007 [06:00]
Cimax ~ Antony Rousseau 2006 [01:10]
Habit ~ Margarida Paiva 2005 [05:55]
Life's Attraction ~ Laurent Pernot 2004 [03:26]
Witches I & II ~ Oksana Shatalova 2006 [02:00]
This Time of Peril ~ Jeremiah Jones 2006 [06:44]
Cut Loose ~ Norbert Attard 2006 [02:46]
For Sore Eyes ~ Anders Weberg 2006 [02:22]
Namtes' Antithesis ~ Daniel Iturrizaga 2006 [13:43]

Cologne OFF III - "Toon! Toon!" (Art cartoons & animated narratives)
Launched in the framework of NewMediaFest2007 and International Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina 2007
Selection curated by Agricola de Cologne
Compilation duration: 60 min
Brand New Morning, by Konstantin Dimitriev (Russia) 2003 [02:54]
The Changing Man, by Rami Fischler (Australia) 2007 [02:58]
Tomorrow, by Kaspars Groshevs (Latvia) 2007 [01:04]
A Dollhouse is..., by Henry Gwiazda (USA) 2007 [05:48]
Pilot/Gamer, by Gerald Habarth (USA) 2005 [12:34]
Where Stories Come From, by Lycette Bros. (Australia) 2004 [04:08]
Radiocar, by Hermes Mangialardo (Italy) 2007 [04:00]
Krypt, by Lars Nagler (Germany) 2007 [04:80]
Rain Terrain, by Martin Oja (Estonia) 2006 [06:00]
Do You Know That Bad Girls Go to Hell, by Tom de Pekin (France) 2004 [05:20]
Lefty's Pathos, by Simon Streatfeild (Australia) 2005 [01:42]
Evil Fun with Zimmy, by Andy Sykes (UK) 2005 [01:04]
Leningrad, by Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia) 2006 [03:30]
Disarmed, by Nick Fox-Gieg (USA) 2002 [02:42]

organized by

Selection of videoworks co-ordinated by: Jillian McDonald
Duration of the DVD: [45:00]
December 31, 2000 ~ Johanna Householder and b.h. yael (Toronto)
Screen Kiss ~ Jillian Mcdonald (New York)
Precision Diving Wheel ~ Tricia McLaughlin (New York)
I am Making Art Too ~ Jill Miller (San Francisco + Los Angeles)
The Paper Wall ~ Nick and Sheila Pye (Toronto)
Feast. Hommage a Marcel Broodthaers ~ Liselot van der Heijden (New York)
America ~ Liselot van der Heijden (New York)
In the Dream of the Planet ~ Claudia X. Valdes (Albuquerque)
Redneck / Redneck ~ David Yonge (Vancouver)

Marginal lines. Selection of videoworks co-ordinated by: Daria Pyrkina
Duration of the DVD: [69:38]
FUGK (for unanimous and gratuitous kunst) President 's Soldier. 1999 [09:30]
Out-Governmental Control Commission (Anatoly Osmolovsky, Avdey Ter-Ogan'yan, Oleg Kireev, Kirill Preobrazhensky, Dmitry Pimenov, Dmitry Mudel). Barricade. 1998 [02:20]
Radek Community Manifestations. 2002 [06:40]
Gosha Ostretsov Political Performances . 2002 - 2006 [08:20]
FUGK (for unanimous and gratuitous kunst) Cominternov has come back. 2002 [04:20]
FUGK (for unanimous and gratuitous kunst) International (From the series "Songs of Russian Revolution") . 2003 [04:20]
Prigov Family / Prigov Family The People and the State, together we built the new Russia. 2003 [07:00]
"Chto delat?" ("What is to be done?") Angry Sandwitch-People, or In praise of Dialectics. 2005 [08:05]
Dmitry Vilensky Squat "Enema to Capitalism" 2005 [08:20]
Getto in cooperation with I. Sacharow-Ross and Communist TV Hot Russian Line . # leftists./ HOT RUSSIAN LINE # leftists 2005 [09:25]
Getto in cooperation with I. Sacharow-Ross and Communist TV Hot Russian Line. # Moscow Hommage to Ukraine / HOT RUSSIAN LINE # Moscow Hommage to Ukraine. 2005 [07:30]

Selection of videoworks co-ordinated by: Erandy Vergara
Duration of the DVD: [08:45]
Crack ~ Mauricio Alejo [00:32]
Line ~ Mauricio Alejo [00:50]
Twig ~ Mauricio Alejo [00:35]
Light Mandala ~ Hector Falcon [00:40]
Encounter ~ Mauricio Alejo [00:32]
Inside Space I y II ~ Hector Falcon [01:18]
Kingsland Road ~ Silvana Agostoni [04:00]

Duration of the DVD: [20:00]
Man In A Blue Shirt ~ Hannu Karjalainen, Finland. 2006 [05:20]
Julio & Lupita ~ Aurora Reinhard, Finland.2004 [04:35]
Monster ~ Minna Suoniemi, Finland [01:27]
Solitude ~ Antti Tanttu, Finland [04:10]
Listen to me ~ Lina Galrito, Portugal
Guinea Pig ~ Selfish Shellfish, Finland

Selection of videoworks co-ordinated by: Antonio R. Montesinos
Duration of the DVD: [23:05]
Con la boca en blanco. 2005 ~ Raquel Labrador and Aida Vilchez. Seville/Spain [02:42]
GotoAndPay MyLife. 2006 ~ Raquel Labrador, Josue Ibanez, Christian Lopez. Barcelona/Spain [03:05]
Formas. FAF. 2003 ~ Diego Dorado and Inaki Lopez. Valencia/Spain [01:06]
Ota. 2006 ~ Laura Echevarria, David Urena and Neus Togores. Barcelona/Spain [02:56]
Snow White Perversions. 2006 ~ Diego Dorado. Valencia/Spain [03:24]
ZappingPong. 2006 ~ Beatriz Sanchez. Barcelona/Spain [04:24]
Videoclip de los cajeros. 2003 ~ Vanesa Castro. Valencia/ Spain [01:12]
Nju. Music: Carlo. 2006 ~ Christian Soares Vs. Fulano deTal. Barcelona/Spain [04:46]
Available for a limited time only. 2004 ~ Raquel Labrador and Anders Hattne. Valencia/Spain [03:28]

Selection of videoworks co-ordinated by La Sala Naranja
Duration of the DVD: 73:50
Pulso ~ Juan Rayos. Valencia/Spain. 2006 [02:33]
Chair ~ HO Wai Fong. Malaysia. 2007 [02:00]
The dark space ~ John Baugh. Skipton/UK. 2006 [03:00]
The invisible city ~ Michael Najjar. Berlin/Germany. 2004 [15:00]
Die and live c (it s raining honey tonight) ~ Filippos Tsitsopoulos. Athens. Grecia. 2006 [09:40]
Paraoffelias ~ Beatriz Sanchez Sanchez. Music: David Dalmazzo. Barcelona/Spain. 2007 [07:46]
Home Letter ~ Kok Sie Wai. Malaysia. 2007 [10:29]
Graffiti Poem ~ Pere Sousa. Barcelona/Spain. 2007 [02:51]
Mi tamagochi ~ Koke Vega. Badajoz/Spain. 2007 [04:51]
Three billion electron volts ~ Id Mora. Music by Otto von Schirach. Valencia/Spain. 2007 [05:25]
Ciudad interior ~ Carlos Cid. 2007 Madrid. Spain. [10:00]

Selection of videoworks curated by: Yuki Yoshida
Duration of the DVD: 79:07
Prologue ~ Kentaro Taki. 2005 [13:20]
Man'yo / Tokyo ~ Masayuki Kawai. 2004 [23:06]
A Passage ~ Kazumi Kanemaki. 2003 [16:03]
No consent ~ Shuhei Nishiyama. 2004 [13:12]
Tokyo Stupid Girls ~ Yu Neguro. 2005 [13:26]

"Potpourri" (or "Retroforesight")
A collection of short-creative-videoworks by students and new-generation alumni of the National Institute of Design - Ahmedabad. Curated by Ruchira Parihar.
DVD duration: [23:12]

Patli Gali ~ by Priyanka Chhabra [03:13]
An I for an Eye ~ Siddharth Gautam Singh [02:30]
Switch to Life ~ Siddharth Gautam Singh [00:25]
Janani ~ Siddharth Gautam Singh [02:10]
Aasha ~ Jyotsna Malhotra [03:16]
Abhav ~ Jyotsna Malhotra [04:15]
Save Energy, Save Water ~ Manish Saini [00:23]
Fear of the Unknown ~ Arul Prabhu [00:23]
The Traveled Postcard ~ Megha Mathur [00:56]
Three Little Pigs ~ Bhavna Vyas [05:00]


The Academy of Electronic Arts is a Public Benefit Trust that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution.
Incident Director: Shankar Barua
Special Advisor: Lawrence Casserley
Ruchira Parihar
Shweta Grampurohit
Tim Calonius
Nishant Pagare

Assistant: Deepak Thapa

India International Centre (since 1962) is a forum for the exposition of the cultural patterns prevailing in different parts of the world, by men and women competent to speak on the subjects. The emphasis is neither on the study of particular cultures, nor on the promotion of particular ideologies. The Centre is entirely non-official in character, non-aligned in its motivation and approach, and uncommitted to any particular form of governmental, political, economic or religious affiliation.
Incident Co-Director: Lalsawmliani "Teteii" Tochhawng
Infrastructure & Technical: Suresh Pal & the IIC Crew

Co-Curatorial & Advisory

Curtis Bahn
Director, iEAR Studios, and Assoc. Professor of Computer Music Composition and Performance, Integrated Electronic Arts Program, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA

Ansuman Biswas

Director, Arts Catalyst (UK), and independent performer & artist

Martin Gotfrit
Director, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Canada

John Antoine Labadie
Director, Digital Academy, and Professor of Art, University of North Carolina Pembroke

[same as 2007]

Schedule-Poster [pdf]

[open-door segments only]

Main Auditorium:
Live Performances in the evenings, February 15-16-17
Live Presentations in the mornings and afternoons, February 16 & 17

Conference Room #2:
Unaccompanied or Standalone Presentations & Screenings, February 16 & 17
Breakout-Sessions | Workshops, February 13, 14 & 15

Gandhi-King Plaza:
Exhibits, Installation(s), Networking-Zone

Covered Verandah:
Networking-Zone, Snacks-stall

Rooftop Pergola:
Only used informally, due to renovation works, February 15, 16 & 17


Funding & Executive Support

Participant Support

Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
Simon Fraser University
Bandish The School of Music
Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institut)
CalArts School of Music (California Institute of the Arts)
Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Emily Carr Institute of Art, Design & Media
University College of the Fraser Valley
The Academy of Electronic Arts
National Institute of Design Ahmedabad
Kala Ghoda Association

We invite support, in any form whatsoever, from all who might bear goodwill towards this incident and our other works, with encouragement extended in return, as always, for everyone associated in anyway at all with any of our work to *give it as much as you can to also take from it as much as you can*, towards serving mutual and general public benefit.
As such, businesses and institutions are welcomed to explore any and all possible returns on investment that may be gained from association with any of our works, within the limits of rights, dignity and decorum of all participants, and all partners.


Shankar Barua
Managing Trustee ~ The AeA
B-5&6/4563 Vasant Kunj  New Delhi - 110 070 INDIA
vox & fax: (91-11) 26899930
shankarbaba[at] &

Lalsawmliani "Teteii" Tochhawng
Program Office - India International Centre
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New Delhi - 110 003 INDIA
vox: (91-11) 461 9431


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February 9-10-11, 2007


(and remember: CeC & CaC is pronounced "Sek & Sak")