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Some Pictures from
"The 3rd Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave"
CeC & CaC 2008

**pics by Bacchus Barua & Ruchira Parihar**
We will shortly be coming out with our own 22min. documentary-video of this incident,
shot by Tim Calonius & Nishant Pagare; to be edited by Wolfgang Rebernik, with Shankar Barua

Aleksandra Dulic gets that 'fiery' look in her eyes in the course of her presentation

Ajay Kapur immediately jumps over to grind out a crunching beat off a tabla pair

Ashhar Farooqui sings curliques across the screen in the course of his performance

... with Prashant Yashpal & Praveen Venugopal actually cuing the visuals live, right alongside

Alexandra Dulic & Lawrence Casserley settle into rehearsal mode

Ajay Kapur introduces the gathering to some of his software and hardware projects

Bettina Wenzel & Lawrence Casserley get a groove going in the course of the improvisational collaborations

Curtis Bahns grins as Ajay Kapur rocks the party with his e-Sitar and MahaDeviBot

Aparna Panshika & Curtis Bahn work out who's to do what, just before a performance

Aleksandra Dulic paints up a nice live-video backdrop to Aparna Panshikar's vocals

Ajay Kapur again, with Curtis Bahn and the MahaDeviBot, rocking an accelerometer-controller at the back of his head

Brinda Chudsama Miller passes a smile round the table at the Change-agents Conclave (i.e. the CaC part of CeC & CaC)

Bettina Wenzel, apparently quite harmless and unassuming in the Change-agents Conclave

... and then setting out to "break all sorts of things" in her performance. Here, the duet with Lawrence Casserley

Ansuman Biswas in the course of his presentation

... and, in the course of one of his performances

Ruchira Parihar minding the exhibition segment

Ruchira Parihar's own exhibit

Curtis wonders who let the photographer in, while Ajay Kapur looks across the room ...

... to spot Katja Kessing getting a little sub-conclave of her own going, on the other side ~:o)

Curtis Bahn goes all blurry with his solo e-Dilruba

Lawrence Casserley's rig (pedals under the table)

The Computational Poetics Group in action

Darshan Duggar serves up a different sort of action, along with Jags Sandhu

Dhanya Pilo wonders how come the edges of the lectern are chipped

Jags Sandhu takes the first opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of sticky-tape

Dhanya Pilo, spotlighted in the course of her presentation

The 'Experimental Ecstacy' gets underway

Aleksandra Dulic paints visuals onscreen, to Aparna Panshikar's vocals

... while Aparna herself closes eyes to it all

Detail from Nitin Bal Chauhan's installation, in the Gandhi-King Plaza

Detail from Nitin Bal Chauhan's installation, in the Gandhi-King Plaza

The exhibition-segment, seen from near the entrance into the Gandhi-King Plaza during set-up.
Ruchira Parihar's exhibit on the table, centre-frame

West view of the Retrospective of DSI from The IDEA series of CD-Gazettes during set-up,
with Nitin Bal Chauhan's installation at left

East view of the Retrospective of DSI from The IDEA series of CD-Gazettes during set-up,
with Nitin Bal Chauhan's installation at right, and Rishab Parmar's installation at left

Deepak Thapa makes sure no one gets into CaC without ID, and he's running out

Rishab Parmar's installation of sheep in a cityscape had sound, and special lights at night

Curtis Bahn sets up for the electroacoustics workshop

Kenneth Newby & Martin Gotfrit join in

The electroacoustics workshop underway

Meanwhile, Shankar Barua goofs off with Rishab Parmar in the Gandhi-King Plaza

Florian Thalhofer introduces his 'Korsakow System'

Jignesh Khakhar speaks of the NID experience

Matthew 'Hardoff' John Davey gives a lucky few a DIY walk through Pure Data

... and then later rocks the party with a performance of his Pure Data Junkhouse

Kenneth Newby speaks of the works of the Computational Poetics Group

Krishna Pillai, in the electroacoustics workshop

A conjuror opens up his bag of tricks

... and then proceeds to saw a fiddle into two

Lawrence Casserley ties up a crucial knot in cabling, while Bettina holds things in place with a finger

Lawrence then proceeds to test the limits of what that knot will hold up to, in performance

Avik Chandra & Naman Thakar demonstrate their webcam-based interactive paradigm

Nishant Pagare shooting video (along with Tim Calonius) for the documentary that's to come

Ruchira Parihar delivers her presentation, about her exhibit and also the video-collection she curated

Naman Thakar gets to have his say behind closed doors too

Scattered beards and hair even infected Ansuman Biswas this year

... leaving it up to Shrikant Agawane to provide the new bullet-head on the block, from Mumbai

Aparna Panshikar tries out a pouty sort of look

... and then hides it in song

Lawrence Casserley processes Ansuman Biswas' sarod, while Ansuman wonders what on earth that sound is

The Seknsak Ensemble in action

Shankar Barua, Nitin Bal Chauhan & Darshan Duggar setting up the exhibition, sort of

... while Rishab Parmar begins to articulate the cityscape of his installation

Thomas Munz delivers his public presentation

Thomas Munz in the Change-agents Conclave

Shankar Barua launches into babble-mode

... and Vibodh Parthasarathy looks to spot a gap

Rishab Parmar sets up for one of the many image-transfers of his installation

And, Viral Patel too had something to say about it all