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Some Images from the Incident
Still-grabs below from the video-documentary of this incident
that was shot by Tim Calonius, edited by Shankar Barua,
and telecast nationally by Lok Sabha TV, in the summer of 2007

Ansuman Biswas reintroducing the ultimate creative technology device

... and demonstrating some of the programmable functions possible with it

Lawrence Casserley walking the audience through some of his electroacoustic experimentations

... and then taking a whisper for a walk

Kenneth Newby taking up a point between finger and thumb

Sheldon Brown playing mind games with experimental games

Aleksandra Dulic talking of the ancient arts of shadow-play

... and then carrying them into live-animation, in synch with Kenneth's wired violin

Curtis Bahn explaining the software end of his Expanding Sitar

... and then making his hardware do the talking

Ashhar Farooqui ramblin' about the beginnings of the universe

... and then whipping out guitars, vocals and radical grooves with Choden Yolmo and Ranjan Dewan

Arun Mehta talking of the challenge of empowering the challenged

Deepankar Bhattacharyya on appropriateness across the board

Audience settling in before one of the 3 evenings of performance

performance in progress by Lawrence Casserley, Ansuman Biswas, Aparna Panshikar & Curtis Bahn

Milindo Taid tabling issues and opportunities of location and circumstances in India

Galit Eilat doing the same about her own location and circumstances,.... in a very different way

Aparna Panshikar singing for live-processing by Curtis Bahn & Lawrence Casserley

... after earlier opening the entire incident with a pure Hindustani Classical invocation, accompanied by Ansuman

John Labadie drawing focus upon the evolution of creative still-imaging into intermedia

... and later taking on a public presentation and Q&A about it all, along with Margie Labadie

Martin Gotfrit making public love to a fretless 11-string guitar, feeding into Max/Msp, while Kenneth fiddles

... after earlier behaving quite businesslike, or academic

Vibodh Parthasarathi admits to feeling reassured at spotting "some familiar crackpots"

Martin Gotfrit providing an image that we could not leave out of this collection

Margie Labadie playing soft

Margie Labadie playing tough

On hearing ~ Parvez Imam, Curtis Bahn & Choden Yolmo

On being heard ~ Parvez Imam & Aparna Panshikar

Shankar Barua at sound-check, accidentally leaving gain cut on Track 1

... and later performing with his homemade guitar, homemade midi-controller & homemade Pd patch

Rishab Parmar, Kabira and Kamal Chawla, who together ran screenings of the unaccompanied presentations, with Tim Calonius

Hardeep Singh Gill setting out to change the world, with animated commentary

A part of the exhibition that was rained into the auditorium foyer from the Gandhi-King Plaza, for which it sadly also had to be reduced a bit

Another wall of the exhibition, showing Shankar Barua's The IDEA CD-collection, Ganesa 108 v1.1 images collection, and framed version of The Midi Tailender



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Event Co-Director: Lalsawmliani "Teteii" Tochhawng

Co-Curatorial & Advisory:

Lawrence Casserley
Festival Director, Eye Music Trust, London, UK. Formerly Professor-in-Charge of Studies & Advisor for Electroacoustic Music, Royal College of Music, London, UK

Curtis Bahn
Director, iEAR Studios & Assoc. Prof. of Computer Music Composition and Performance, Integrated Electronic Arts Program, iEAR Studios, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA

Martin Gotfrit
Director, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Milindo Taid
Faculty of Communications Design, Maeer MIT's Institute of Design, Pune/India


Participant Support:

Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada
Simon Fraser University
Bandish ~ The School of Music
The Digital Academy at University of North Carolina Pembroke
CRCA, Calit2 and the EGL at University of California San Diego
Cultural Division, Embassy of Israel in India
Maeer MIT's Institute of Design
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


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