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The 9th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2015) was played out in Shillong, capital city of the magical North East Indian state of Meghalaya, through May 01-02-03, 2015 (a Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

May 01 & 02 in and around the conferencing facilities of the Indian Council for Social Science Research - North East Regional Centre (
ICSSR-Nerc), within the beautifully forested campus of North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU).

May 03 in the KJP Assembly Conference Centre Hall; in the heart of town; just a short walk out of Police Bazaar; bang opposite the District Library.

To know more about this series of incidents, please browse through the pages of earlier iterations, via the links to the left of this text.

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Support & Thanks || Organizers

CeC is an extraordinary annual public incident that is all about Presentations, Performances, Exhibits and Screenings, involving direct and indirect participation of Experimental Creative Practitioners of all description from around India and the world, spread over 3 days of intense creative interaction,.. with each and every Primary-Participant expected to experimentally bring something creatively *new* to the table. 

*For the record here, CeC leapfrogged over 2014 as a part of the process of migrating to North East India, from its last venue location in North India.

note: we pronounce CeC as "Sek"


:::: Primary Particiants ::::

Abhinav Mishra
Abhinav Mishra is a New Media Designer from National Institute of Design and an Architect from Centre for Environment Planning & Technology, India. Abhinav's works lie at the crossroads of Interaction Design, Architecture, Environments and History. Abhinav, through his works tries to articulate and question traditional understandings of Spaces, Habitat and Tangible mediums. He has experience of working as an independent creative professional with NGOs and leading design and research firms in the country. He is currently working on designing low cost Prefab shelters and creating virtual reality experiences.

Anpu Varkey
A voyeur, a drifter who is addicted to heights, time travel and insipid barren landscapes. I have sustained painting large scale for over a decade now, but I got into street art very inadvertently. It's been four years now since I've identified the streets as a potentially limitless canvas for exploration. The initial attempts were small scale stencils and wheat pasting, which matured into large scale murals over the past few years.
The themes I have worked on have been incongruent and situational but the cat remains an indispensable form, this adulation is the result of having spent innumerable hours living with one.

Benedict Skhemlang Hynniewta
Benedict was born and brought up in Shillong. Completed B.Fine (1993-1998) and M.Fine (2002-2004) From Kala Bhavan, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan; and passed the NET exam conducted by UGC. Had two solo exhibition on paintings drawings and sculptures in Art and Culture Hall, Shillong (1996) and Alt Space, Shillong (2005). Participated in several group exhibitions* Golden Brush 2008, Birla Academy, Kolkota. * 4 th North East Exhibition of art 2007 (commendation Award), Kalakshetra. * ĹThoh Shunĺ artists from North Eastern States Art Club, Dhaka, june 2007. * ISHAAN, North East panorama of contemporary art, New Delhi 2004. * ĹThe Joy of Lifeĺ a group exhibition of 84 contemporary Indian artists, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2002. * 44 th National exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala akademi, Ahmedabad 2001. * 63 rd all India Exhibition of Art, Amritsar 1997. * Third Biennial of Indian Drawings at Chandigarh 1996. * Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkota 1996. Attended several Art workshops in many places like Shillong, Guwahati, Kolkota, Chennai, Cherrapunjee, Mizoram, Kochi, etc. Awarded artist of the year by NE tv Peopleĺs Choice award 2005. Avenues Youth Icon Award 2012 in the field of Creative and Performing Art. Vocational Excellence Award 2013 from the Rotary Club of Orchid City, Shillong.

Damang Syngkon
Damangĺs passions are traditional music, sports and organizing events relating to the two. Presently working in the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs, Meghalaya, Damang is largely involve with the youths through organization of various sporting competitions and youth related empowering programs at the village, block, district and state level. He is also an indigenous Khasi musician who organizes and performs traditional and fusion folk music throughout the state. Heĺs presently working on a folk album featuring various well known artists and diverse creative musicians of the state.

Dhruv Sarker
Calcutta had always had much to offer to the world of music. One such artist to be reckoned with, is the 25 year old drummer Dhruv Sarker. Dhruv,owing to his experience from playing at a variety of music festivals,such as Escape Festival, Ragasthan, Weekender or perhaps in lieu of the knowledge he gathered in the course of playing with a number of bands belonging to a vivid range of genres, like Turfe (Ambient Rock), Write In Stereo (Indie Dance/ Punk), The Page (Punk Rock), Ganesh Talkies (Bollywood/Pop), Ifs and Buts (singer-Songwriter/Folk) has been able to develop a style that not only has an innate fineness to it but also has a spectrum of versatility that is positively enjoyable for the listener. What makes this Calcuttan drummer particularly remarkable is the fact that he is self taught. Currently Dhruv awaits his admission to The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance for a higher Diploma Course. However, the real ingenuity of this artist lies in his ability to have successfully found a balance between perfection and edge, technique and method.

Diya Sarker
Diya Sarker is an artist practicing illustrations, painting, photo-imagery and video (candid / experimental). She lives in Mumbai with her two cats, who usually become the subjects of her creative expression.

Freeman Murray
Freeman's passions are yoga, technology and sustainable living. He set up a cooperative learning environment on an organic farm outside Bangalore where people come to learn software, practice yoga, ride an electric unicycle, and live lightly on the planet in a beautiful
 natural environment.

Harsh Vardhan Durugadda
Harsha V Durugadda is a multidisciplinary artist having an eclectic background of being trained in traditional sculpture to graduating in visual design. Fresh from his recent exhibition at Emergent Art space in Portland, USA he has participated in group and solo shows both in India and abroad. He received a fellowship by the British Council for his art project and has presented at the British Museum, London on Buddhist sculpture. He is chosen for Sculpture by the Sea to exhibit at Bondi, 2015 which is a public outdoor sculpture exhibition held in Australia. He conductĺs workshops at various educational institutions in India.

Harshvardhan Kadam
Harshvardhan is an eclectic urban artist who makes murals across India. Surface is no limit for Harsh to express his stories and change the face of spaces he takes over.
He runs his travel studio, Inkbrushnme since 2007 which creates children's illustrated books, graphic novels and character designs for animation and gaming projects and murals on the go. He has collaborated on many international and Indian brands ranging from music industry to heavy engineering technology. In 2015 and 2012 Harsh curated and produced a street art project in Pune which has become a grass root movement to connect local population and art. Inkbrushnme is popular for creating new landmarks across urban landscapes by painting large scale murals in public spaces. His research and approach is deeply rooted in profound aesthetic and theoretical aspects of ancient Indian Arts and Mythology. Having exposed to the art of comic book making since his early days, Harsh's first graphic novel was published in 2008. Harsh's personal universe of stories is inspired from sublime experiences of his practices.
His approach towards his work is rather ritualistic and meditative. Harsh has dedicated his time in discovering mythology and reinterpreting its essence through street art murals and digital paintings. He wants the stories of Mythology to be seen and understood from non religious perspective and therefore has chosen street art as a medium to reach out as many lives he can.

Hemant Sreekumar
Hemant Sreekumar has been dreaming since three decades and got involved with noise since 1986 when he started self-hypnosis using televison + radio static. He has no useful music skills and finds joy in embroidering coded computational processes to create sonic situations. His compositions deal with notions of measurement, digital decay, data sonification and stochastic emergence.

Huzefa Roowala
A 13-year career in visual media & communication has allowed experience across channels, segments, platforms and a specialization in Brand Identity, On-Air Promotions and Digital Advertising. Working extensively on pitches and creating distinct campaigns for an array of diverse Brands, have become strong points, accompanied by expertise on the technical side with quick film, animation and print work.
In the 5 years at MTV Networks (working up from Assistant Producer to Associate Creative Director), successfully launched monster shows like Roadies, Spiltsvilla, Simi Girebaal, Piddhu The Great and Stunt Mania. Was also a key member in the award winning all-new MTV reface, ĹITS MY MTVĺ
Understanding the potential of the web and a chance to create content for a global viewership, conceptualised and created Indiaĺs first HD television network exclusively for digital audiences called Ping Networks.
As a creative consultant, conceptualised and created shows like UTV Bindass Date Trap, UTV Bindass Dadagiri 4. Was part of the core team on Indianĺs first digital mutual fund academy created for Franlikn Templeton.
Passionate about creating excellent content across segments and setting the benchmark even for the traditional broadcast standard, I attempt to create diverse strategies and content with high production values and a dollop of fun.

Jaya Ramchandani
Jaya is an astronomy and physics editor and educator with a burning thirst for discovering the universe, through science, Indian philosophies, and looking inward. She recently co-hosted The Story of Light festival in Goa, India, exploring the intersection of science, culture and philosophy through art and design. One of the main goals of the platform is to see science and philosophy share the same space and to inspire discussions between scientists, artists, and the public so that the abstract in our universe can be brought under the public eye through innovative and interactive projects. Learning has different stages, best described in Tibetan with the phrase, Goh (Understand), Nyam (Experience), Tok (Realize) -- this is her journey.

Jobin Vijayan
Jobin Vijayan heads the India office of Arduino. He started building electronic circuits at the age of ten, freelanced for a decade after his Bachelors in Technology, headed the R&D of the company which made India's first electronic public toilets, installed science galleries, designed electronics and software for industrial robots, built telescopes and took astrophotographs.
He is specialized in electro-mechanical systems and audio ľ visual systems. His major installations are at Regional Science Center and Planetarium, Calicut where he designed and installed the electro-mechanical systems for the ôHall of Physical Enduranceö and ôAstronomy gallery.ö The E-Toilet project won numerous awards including ôReinvent the Toilet Challengeögrant from Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation. Over the period, his interests has shifted to Bio-mechanical systems, where he is researching on adaptive neural systems with self learning.
He is also specialized in astrophotography and telescope building. Keeping a strict old school approach in heart, he believes in designing electronic systems with least electronics, optimising for energy and space, and identifying and removing unwanted electronics from one's personal life.

Karan Gurung
Karan Gurung was born and brought up in Kohima; capital city of the hill state of Nagaland, India. He has so far been experimenting with poetry, folklore, performance art and recently with photography as mediums to express his creative vision. His works have mostly sought to cover subjects and topics like presence, objectivity, science, tradition, identity, modernity, and nature among others. As an artist he holds faith in the power of creative expression to provide articulation and direction for a world that is strife with conflict, strife and confusion.
He is currently doing his research on the Oral Tradition of the Gurung people from North Eastern Hill University Shillong, Meghalaya India at the Department of Cultural and Creative Studies.

Kartik Pillai
A multi instrumentalist from New Delhi, India. I am currently part of four groups. Three bands Peter Cat Recording Company, Begum and Chemical Metronome, and one electronic project called Jamblu. I have been making and performing music since 2007. Incorporating live sampling, live effects, looping, found sounds into long sprawled out soundscapes.  In my electronic project which will be the focus of my work during  CEC,  my motive has been to be able to create immersive soundscapes while also having them being complimented with cymatic frequencies which are in conjunction with the moods of the songs being presented.

Lueit Parasar Hazarika
Details Awaited

Lionel Dentan (Da Saz)
Da-Saz has produced a wide variety of productions over the last few years and their music compositions and sounds are always shifting. Filled with surprises and always out of the ordinary their sound is always fresh and spans the whole spectrum from acoustic to electronic music. The nouveau project is about experimental electronic music composed and performed with analog Synths. The live performance is often accompanied with visuals and performance by the Indian classical Dancer Namrata Pamnani. Da-saz has traveled a long way to find it's present destination its. There is a big difference in influences sounds and composition from their debut album 'Jet Lag' released by Phat Phish Records to the new album ĹSulphabric' released in 2012. As Lionel Dentan puts it "I believe in experimentation, trying new ideasů it (the live set) is now formless, shapeless,including just sounds and Ambient tones, floating around, like abstract artů you can decide what you hear or sonically imagine".

Mathias Durand
Mathias Durand is born in France in 1983. As a child, he learns classical piano from his grand-mother. He started playing the guitar and songwriting at teenage, taking part in bands and concerts during high-school in Paris. Since 2005 he performs folk concerts as Math and the Letters, and releases a first album Broken Letters in 2008. From 2006 to 2010, he studies in the class of acousmatic music of RÚgis Renouard-LariviŔre in conservatoire Erik Satie, Paris 7e. In the summer 2009 he travels to Calcutta and gets initiated to Hindustani classical music by the vocal artist Santanu Bandyopadhyay. The next summer, they are touring in France, and record an album as a duet (Mood).
He sings and plays guitar in Alacazas Jasey since 2001 and in the experimental septet It since 2006. He played as a guitarist and pianist with the John Mitchell Fleet (Head on, 2012), Jospeh Leon (The Bare Awakening, 2013), and collaborates with plasticians, poets and performers. He joins on electric guitar Tritha Sinha, Paul Schneiter and Tony Guinard in Tritha Electric in 2012. With Niktus, he founded the collective Satourne and organises an itinerant festival in the summers 2013 and 2014 in France.

Ritika Singh
A multi-faceted individual, Ritika Singh, does vocals and plays guitar for the women-centric band SPACE. She along with her friend Tritha Sinha, started the band in Kolkata 4 years ago and has been performing in venues around New Delhi and various music and art festivals festivals all over in India . The songs are based on humanity and have a lot to do with the issues concerning women in our society today. Ritika has also been actively involved with theatre and has been part of a number of productions staged in Kolkata. She has been responsible for conducting theatrical workshops and was part of the faculty of the Birla group, teaching school children 'theatre in education' as a subject. She made her debut in cinema as a supporting actor for Quashiq Mukherjee (a.k.a Q of 'Gandu' & 'Love in India' fame) in his film called Bish. The live act of SPACE blends theatre and music, giving an audience a truly unique experience of a strong social message delivered with dramatic twists and turns.

Rosalind Malik
My name is Payal Rosalind Malik
I live in New Delhi
I draw, paint and like to sing

The most i remember of my younger days was me drawing/painting
I loved to draw expressions
I loved to paint my surroundings
The one and only that gave me happiness without asking

Time went by...
I grew up and with that my experiences..
To an extent where i lost myself
Today I look back and wonder.. Was that really me??

Yes it was..
How sure, how determined I was once upon a time
I thought
How could I let my love go so far away from me...
Could I not bring it back?

And today while I sit and write my introduction to you
I know what I have to do
Go on be me child again
Be me once all over again
Become the love i knew
Being me is who

Sachin Pillai
Sachin has been in Mumbai seven years, having done an initial stint in television where he learnt the basics of the more technical parts of the profession. Ever since then, he's been involved in every aspect of the business with each project he has spearheaded- from shoot to final play-out level mostly editing his own films.
Of late though, after a very fruitful 1 year in advertising as a DA, and 2 years of freelance he has developed a bank of visual styles over the years. Whether it is combining live action and graphics or purely synthesising visual imagery using effects and filters on set. He likes to look at it as developing a mix of old school and current sensibilities.
His first real taste of art in cinema came upon editing the film 'Man Eats Rock' for performance artist Nikhil Chopra and Munir Kabani, around which time he had been experimenting with his own idea of a non-verbal or abstract narrative. He was also deeply involved in a non-mathematical study of experimental feedback with VJ Viktor Furiani.
Sachin's films are best described as fragile in terms of shot-taking, as he likes to look for moments that punctuate states of the mind in cinematic form. Frequently interspersing graphics with live action, the VFX themselves derived in some way from reality.

Sachin Shetty
The brainchild of Mumbai-based audio-visual artist, Sachin Shetty, Drift is a multidisciplinary art project which began as a manifestation of subconscious visions and continues to be an expression in letting go. Sachin, who has a past-life history with Print production, works variously with video, sound, line-based drawings, animation and street art that finds expression at varying scales. His process is mostly an intuitive intersection between mediums, heavily influenced by science fiction, patterns in nature and urban underground culture. Rendered almost exclusively in a monochromatic palette and line-based compositions that have come to be synonymous with Drift, the final works have a hypnotic, meditative quality. Having had a strong presence in the Indian street art scene, Drift is passionate about using street art to establish deeper connections with people. ôI love street art as a form of expression because itĺs open to everybody who uses the streets as a transition space in their waking momentsö.

Sanjib Roy
Yantr / यंत्र is a Sankrit word which means 'Machine'. Yantr is an Indian Street Artist with a vision to make socio-political issues accessible to the general public through the medium of street art. Yantr's work revolves around the complexity of machines and organic forms, mixed together in his signature eclectic style.
Before becoming an independent artist, he garnered several years of experience in the creative advertising world working as an art director for various ad agencies in India. A travel enthusiast, he has biked extensively through India using his art as a means to initiate debate on issues he is deeply passionate about. He is also interested in land art and makes large scale interventions regularly.

Shankar Barua
Shankar Barua has been many things in life before coming around to his present preoccupations as Managing Trustee of The AeA, in which role he is also Curator of CeC 2015. These include adventure-travel writer & photographer, asst. editor and designer of magazines, illustrator, publisher, pack-shot photographer, well-digger & drought-relief worker, book-author, columnist, artist, musician, tea-taster, corporate consultant, advertising copywriter, public speaker, photography workshop leader, public relations professional, TV anchorperson, product prototyper, film-maker, builder, and so on, and on.
Whereas he continues to be some of these things still, his primary goals presently have to do with promoting and empowering creative experimentation & innovation in countries such as India, on the back of the burgeoning evolution and spread of technology.

Shazeb Shaikh
With a focus on experimental practices as a curator, I've been engaged with The Academy of Electronic Arts (The AeA) in New Delhi, India since 2010. Serving as an Executive Trustee and Core Co-Curator with The AeA, I've been part of a growing global multi-disciplinary community of over 3000 cutting-edge artists, scientists and performers.
As an independent curator, I have explored several questions Iĺve had as an individual by finding answers in creating frameworks of inter-disciplinary artistic research and production. Iĺve also been actively involved in public space projects and researching and developing sub-cultural practices in Mumbai, the city I live in. Most of my work is based in spontaneous creation and expression and usually involves fusing new people to create unknown situations and engineering new collective imaginations of beauty and its future.

Snehali Shah (THC)
Transhuman Collective (THC) is a multi-disciplinary collaborative project inspired by the philosophy of Transhumanism.
THC is the brainchild of Soham Sarcar & Snehali Shah. With Bachelors in Visual Arts from Maharaja Sayaji Rao University - Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, they both have more than 14 years of Professional experience, having worked with the top Advertising Agencies and Design Companies like before they co-founded Transhuman Collective in 2009. Experience combined, they have handled more than 300 Brands across industries .Their experience spans across a wide array of disciplines ranging from Advertising, Print Design, Motion Graphics, Interactive/New Media Design, Information/ Environmental Design, VFX/Animation and Branding/ Packaging. and now Experience Design.
They have been synonymous in spearheading the Alternative Visual Art movement in India since 2006, experimenting with cutting edge visual technologies like Live Video Art, 3d Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality and other Interactive Technologies as well as curating traditional Art Installations and Street Art. Transhuman Collective's recent Make in India Augmented Reality is been considered as the biggest and most spectacular AR Experience ever created anywhere in the World.
The Film No Country For Women which they made in 2012 shocked and challenged the nation's mindset towards women, going viral on social media and feminist forums around the world. At present they are directing and producing a full feature documentary on Gender, Sexuality and Power in the Indian context.

Sohan Modak
Prof. Sohan P. Modak, Dr es Sci. (Geneve) is a Developmental and molecular biologist. He did post-doctoral work in United States and France. He served as a staff scientist at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (1970-77), Visiting Professor at the Ohio State University and Scientist-Engineer at the Center for Nuclear Energy, Grenoble (1978-79). In 1979, he joined the University of Poona as Professor. He co-founded the Biotechnology Training Programme in India. He was Visiting Professor at University of Tokyo, Komaba, Univesity of Geneva and Professor Emeritus at the Karnatak University, Dharwad (2001-03), G.N. Ramachandran Sr. Res.Fellow at the IGIB Delhi (2005-2008) and is a Visiting Faculty at University of Pune. He published over 90 research papers in Developmental biology, Molecular Biology, Aging and now mentors studies on Molecular Evolution. Sohan is a Science communicator. He writes essays and poetry in English French and Marathi. He has published in Poesie Vivante, and Poetry.com.

Soham Sarcar (THC)
Transhuman Collective (THC) is a multi-disciplinary collaborative project inspired by the philosophy of Transhumanism.
THC is the brainchild of Soham Sarcar & Snehali Shah. With Bachelors in Visual Arts from Maharaja Sayaji Rao University - Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, they both have more than 14 years of Professional experience, having worked with the top Advertising Agencies and Design Companies like before they co-founded Transhuman Collective in 2009. Experience combined, they have handled more than 300 Brands across industries .Their experience spans across a wide array of disciplines ranging from Advertising, Print Design, Motion Graphics, Interactive/New Media Design, Information/ Environmental Design, VFX/Animation and Branding/ Packaging. and now Experience Design.
They have been synonymous in spearheading the Alternative Visual Art movement in India since 2006, experimenting with cutting edge visual technologies like Live Video Art, 3d Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality and other Interactive Technologies as well as curating traditional Art Installations and Street Art. Transhuman Collective's recent Make in India Augmented Reality is been considered as the biggest and most spectacular AR Experience ever created anywhere in the World.
The Film No Country For Women which they made in 2012 shocked and challenged the nation's mindset towards women, going viral on social media and feminist forums around the world. At present they are directing and producing a full feature documentary on Gender, Sexuality and Power in the Indian context.

Tritha Sinha
A voice : Versatile, agile, profound with a plummy richness of sound. Tritha's dusky tones and throbbing intensity, vibrating and moving emotional commitment, entrance her audience and leave the public spell bound. Listen: http://soundcloud.com/tritha_pro/tritha-rangamati-pagli-album.
A musician : Born in Kolkata, Tritha started training in North Indian classical music at the age of five, and never stopped. She is currently a student of Santanu Bandyopadhyay from the Bishnupur gharana.
Equally at home with Indian Classical music as with Bjork and Janis Joplin, Abida Parveen or Aretha Franklin, Tritha has forged her own unique, inclusive sound and has already gained critical and popular acclaim for her songs, several of which were used by the Magnum Agency, France, for their movies on "Women changing India" last year.
A woman : Tritha is an ardent supporter of women's rights and includes her ideas in her songs with "Lyrics that deal with women's liberation, social oppression and sexual exploitation" (Hindustan Times).
In June 2012, she was featured on a full page in Marie Claire India as one amongst the ten most interesting young Indian women, and also that same month, in Tehelka Magazine.
Tritha's picture has been traveling all over the world in 2011 and 2012 with the exhibition Women Changing India, organized by the Magnum Photo Agency and BNP Paribas.
A citizen of the world : Tritha has widely traveled and recently returned to India from a 3-month tour in Europe, during which she also recorded her third album with French record label Notreespace.

Vinay Hasija
Vinay Hasija is a New Media Designer from National Institute of Design with a background in Electronics and Education. His works are located at the intersection of Education, Electronic Arts and Psychology.
Vinay also likes to explore the cultural values of Indian traditions, Spaces and Tangible Artefacts and has done projects that dive into meanings and associations between people and culture, past and present, virtual and physical. He has worked in the fields of Robotics and Experiential Learning with Industrial Design Centre & Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, India, and as an Automation Engineer with a prestigious Indian MNC. He is currently working on designing an educational robotic kit for pre-adolescent kids and creating virtual reality experiences.

Yvonne Syiem
Details Awaited



:::: Short-Creative-Videoworks ::::

Cologne OFF 2015
10th Cologne International Videoart Festival
@ CeC 2015, Shillong
"Total Art"
The festival programs stand all under the topic of "Total Art" (Gesamtkunstwerk)
Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

1. Total Art -- Alienated Territories

    Brit Bunkley (NZ) ˝ By Blood and Water, By Blood and Sand, 2014, 5:37
    Boris Eldagsen & Sabine Taeubner (Germany) ˝ SuperHigh, 3013, 38:00
    Jaime Ekkens (USA) ˝ A Life With AspergerÝs, 2013, 4:00
    David Finkelstein (USA) ˝ Epistolary Fusillades, 2010, 18:11
    Francesca Fini (Italy) ˝ Little Pills Blues, 2013, 5:10
    Rick Fisher (Canada) ˝ Arcadia, 2014, 4:49
    Felice Hapetzeder (Sweden) ˝ 366, 2014, 1:24
    Istvan Horkay (Hungary) ˝ Mother, 2014, 4:51
    Umesh Mangupudi ( India) ˝ March To Nowhere, 2014, 6:06
    Mani Mehrvarz (Iran) ˝ Wistful Affection For The Past, 2013, 3:06
    Neil Ira Needleman (USA) ˝ Freedom, 2013, 4:32
    Heidi Kumao (USA) ˝Swollowed Whole, 2014, 3:53
    Albano Ruela (Portugal) ˝ What is in Your Bag II?, 2013, 6:06
    Robert Quelven (France) ˝ La Topologie des 9 Cercles ˝ #6, 2013, 5:40
    Jean-Michel Rolland (France) ˝ The Race, 2013, 3:45
    Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru) ˝ Copycat, 2013, 8:12
    Atom Samit (Spain) ˝ I once thought the consequences of having a cat (or the life that the cat was not expected), 2013, 1:26
    Cinzia Sarto (Italy) ˝ Disquiet, 2013, 3:13
    Swen-Erik Scheuerling (Germany) ˝ Box NN, 2013, 4:44
    Tina Willgren (Sweden) ˝ (+), 2014, 4:13
    vvitalny (Tusia Dabrowska & Clara In╚s Schuhmacher) (USA) ˝ In Peru, 2013, 3:05
    George Afedzi-Hughes (Ghana) ˝ Dodge West, 2014, 4:00
    Alexandra Anikina (Russia) ˝ Some Entropy in Your Tea, 2013, 8:15
    Michael Gaddini (Italy) ˝ ýMy TV Heartţ, 2013, 7:40
    Giulia Giannola (Italy) ˝ The Lap, 12013, 3:55
    Farid Hamedi (Iran) ˝ Theatre for the Artist, 2014, 1:50
    Saman Namnik (Iran) ˝ Illusionists, 2014, 6:00
    Magnus Irvin (UK) ˝ The Flasher, 2014, 2:48
    Tamim Jamshed (Ireland) ˝ Only the Lonely, 2013, 3:48
    Maria Korporal (Netherlands) ˝ {Naked}, 2012, 4:01
    Dustin Morrow (UK) ˝ Ground London, 2013, 7:41
    Valerio Murat and Antonio Poce (Italy) ˝ Meine Meimat, 2012, 4:32
    Cristina Pavesi (Italy) ˝ Giallo, 2014, 4:00
    William Pena (Colombia) ˝ Control, 2013, 3:45
    Pinina Podesta (Italy) ˝ Sound Visionary, 2014, 3:06
    Isabel Del Pulgar (Spain) ˝ Ossum, 2014, 9:20
    Ausin Sainz (Spain) ˝ Dictator. 2014, 03:47
    Atom Samit (Spain) ˝ Disappear, 2014, 3:26
    Anthony Sherin (USA) ˝ DU∆L: Lee + Man, 2014, 5:09
    SinQuenza (Spain) ˝ Exotic Shadow in a Shadow, 2013, 2.15
3- Total Art -- Alienated Memory
    Monika Adler (UK) ˝ Involuntary Memory, 2013, 3:47
    Angela Aguayo (USA) ˝ Deathwork, 2013, 5:27
    Aleksander Johan Andreassen (Norway) ˝ A Rock, 2013, 2:29
    Collin Bradford (USA) ˝ Deep Horizon, 2013, 6:35
    Catherine Del Buono (USA) ˝ How to Not Get Raped, 2014, 3:04
    Marina Fomenko (Russia) ˝ Not Water, 2014, 4:44
    Analia Fraser (Argentina) ˝ A glance / Una mirada, 2012, 11:00
    Ela Goldman (Israel) ˝ ýPograniczeţ (Borderlands), 2013, 3:49
    Felice Hapetzeder (SWE) ˝ Yesterday was no good day, 2014, 6:00
    Che-Yu Hsu (Taiwan) ˝ November 11th 1970, 2012, 8:01
    Kenji Kojima (Japan) ˝ Composition Fukushima 2011, 2014
    Konstantin Larchenko (Russia) ˝ Story, 2014, 28:00
    Richard Legaspi (Philippines) ˝ Waiting, 2013, 14: 43
    Elisabeth Leister (USA) ˝ Strange Loop, 2014, 6.45
    Filip Gabriel Pudlo (Poland) ˝ Operation Castle, 2013, 4.20, 10:00
    Denes Rusza (Hungary) ˝ Kids, 2014, 4:06
    Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru) ˝ Do You Smell That, 2014; 2:15
    Veniamin Tronin (Russia) ˝ Hearth, 2013, 30:00
    Alienor Vallet (France) ˝ Chronicle of the 6th reach, 2013, 7:00
    Alina Vasilchenko (Russia) ˝ I like going the the Pet Stores, 2014,7:00
    Simon Welch (France) ˝ Focus, 2014, 7:37
    Zaoli Zhong (China) ˝ A Dangerous Question, 2012, 5:35
    Xiaowen Zhu (China) ˝ Terminal island, 2013, 10:50
4. Total Art -- Alienated Identities
    Apotropia (Italy) ˝ K, 2012, 4:00
    Lisa Birke (Canada) ˝ Red Carpet, 2013, 9:59
    Katina Bitsicas (USA) ˝ Autonomous Autopsy, 2014, 4:26
    Catherine Del Buono (USA), How to Not Get Raped, 2014, 3:09
    Anna Garner (USA) ˝ Sequential Interactions, 2013, 1:54
    Giulia Giannola (Italy) ˝ Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, 2012, 04:58
    Matt Gibson (USA) ˝ The Turtle, 2013, 2:00
    Claire Gustavson (USA) ˝ Putting on a Show!, 2014, 5:06
    Levi Hanes (Ireland) ˝ Shapes on Grey, 2014, 3:14
    Yu_Hang Huang (Taiwan) ˝ Identity Correlation, 2009, 5:41
    Sara Holwerda (USA) ˝ Chair Dance, 2012, 6:26
    Magnus Irvin (UK) ˝ Cake, 2013, 2:48
    Francesca Leoni (italy) ˝ D (mov#2), 2013, 3:15
    Johanna Reich (Germany) ˝ Phoenix, 2012, 3:20
    Victor Ripoll, (Spain) ˝ DonÝt Move, 2014, 2.34
    Carlo Sampiero (Italy/USA) ˝ TAMBOURINE BUTTOCKS, 2012, 2:10
    Cinzia Sarto (Italy) ˝ Forbidden Fruit, 2009, 4.40
    Zaoli Zhong (China) ˝ We Are Walking All on the Same Road, 2014, 12, 06
    Weigang Song (China) ˝ Walling Dissensus, 2014, 5:01
    Alexandar Tokin (Serbia) ˝ She Is I, 2013, 9:17
5. Total Art -- Brave New World
a collaboration with Institute fuer Alles Moegliche Berlin/Germany
Shiva Ahmadi (Iran) ˝ Lotus, 2014, 8:52
    Fatih Bilgin (Turkey, ˝ How would you like to Migrate, 2013, 3.36
    Laura Cabrera D╠az y Sira Cabrera D╠az (Spain) ˝ ýIrreconciliables, IIţ, , 2014, 3:54
    Gabin Cortez Chance (USA) ˝ Do Americans Dream of Being Electric Sheep, 2014, 7:52
    Kristina Cranfeld (UK) ˝ Manufactured Britishness, 2013, 10:00
    Robert Dohrmann (USA) ˝ Me America, 2009, 1:38
    Francesca Fini Italy) ˝ Touchless, 2014, 4:46
    David Fodel (USA) , So Were You, 2012,1:12
    Sedi Ghadiri (Iran) ˝ The Kings Hand, 2014, 10:00
    Sanglim Han (S.Korea) ˝ Bloom, 2012, 3:35
    Fabian Heitzhausen (Germany) ˝ IÝm Game, 2014, 3:08
    Zoe Hough (UK) ˝ Smile, The Fiction had Already Begun, 2014, 3:30
    Lenka Kurikova & Michal Hustaty (Slovakia) (Slovakia) ˝ Who Wants To Belong to My Country, 2014, 3:41
    Keni Kojima (Japan) ˝ Composition Fukushima 2011, 2014, 10:00
    Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) ˝ 370 New World, 2014, 5:08
    Ranis Marek (USA) ˝ Hold On, 2010, 3:00
    Mr MVIN (Spain) ˝ BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF CRISISţ, 2013, 1:50
    Mores McWeath (USA) ˝ Sharing Laizy Gaines, 2013, 5:12
    Kaiser Nahhas (Syria) ˝ Anti Censoship Protest at Taksim, 2014, 2014, 4:27
    Neil Ira Needleman (USA) ˝ The Great Gate of Kiev, 2013, 2:15
    Margerita Novikova (Russia) ˝ Chronicles On The Lap, 2014, 8:38
    William Pena (Colombia) ˝ Control, 2013, 3:45
    Roland Quelven (France) ˝ La Chambre dÝEric Bm 2014, 4:31
    Tabita Rezaire (Guinea) ˝ Same Sex Biz, 2014, 6:19
    Hector Rodriguez (Hongkong) ˝ Theorem 8, 2014, 6:49
    Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru) ˝ Do You Smell That, 2014; 2:15
    Salome MC (Iran) ˝ Drunk Shah, Drunk Elder, 2012, 4:21
    Sini÷a Stojanovic Sinister & Dragana Nikolic (Serbia) ˝ Soup Kitchen ˝ Narodna kuhinja, 2014., 04:59
    Karl F. Steward (Germany) ˝ Video of Shadows, 2013, 7:00
    Armstrong Tarke (Cameroun) ˝ REVERSE CIVILISATION, 2014, 3:57
    Gabriele Tosi (Italy) ˝ The Extreme Challenge, 2014, 4:56
    Alina Vasilchenko (Russia) ˝ I like going the the Pet Stores, 2014,7:00
    Ivar Vermëe (Estonia) ˝ Crystal Computing (Google Inc., St. Ghislain), 2014, 9:19
    Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada (Israel) ˝ Land, 2013, 4:36
    Alexander Yeltsin (Ukraine) ˝ Warning, 2014, 5:37
    Hande Zerkin (Turkey) ˝ Democracy, 2014, 2:34
6. Total Art -- Alienated Timelines I
    Sandra Araujo (Portugal) ˝ Runtime Error, 2013, 4:12
    Natalia Biegaj (Poland) ˝ The Door is Always Open, 2014, 4:28
    Giovanni Bucci (Italy) ˝ Never-Never, 2013, 3:44
    Consuleo Calitri (ES) & Andrea Nevi (I) ˝ The Hiccup, 2010, 8:25
    Alejandro Casales (Mexico) ˝ Adsem Varien, 2014, 8:06
    Stephen John Ellis (USA) ˝ Aus dem Kinder , 2011, 5:14
    Francesca Fini (Italy) ˝ White Sugar, 2013, 13:00
    Ben Fox, (UK) ˝ Recent Tactile Nonsense, 2014, 2:16
    Catherine Fraser (Canada) ˝ Woods, 2014, 3:00
    Ruben Gonzalez Escudero (Spain) ˝ Walking Around, 2014, 1:38
    John Graham (Canada) ˝ Move, 2011, 7:48
    Henri Gwiazda (USA) ˝ Beautiful Politics, 2012, 9:10
    Gavin Hoffman (Ireland) ˝ Complicit, 2013, 4:08
    Ulf Kristiansen (Norway) ˝ Jealous Guy, 2014, 4:35
    Isabel Layton (USA) ˝ Little Black Dress, 2014, 2:28
    Jerome Chia Horng Lin (Taiwan) ˝ The Path of Water, 2013, 4:49
    Michael OÝDonnell (USA) ˝ Butternut, 2014, 4:02
7. Total Art -- Alienated Timelines II
    Albert Merino (Spain) ˝Visçvis, 2013, 5.05
    Tessa Moult-Milewska (Poland) ˝ Spiders and Flies, 2013, 3:30
    Belen Paton (Spain) ˝ Belfast Road Closed, 2013, 6:46
    Shuai Cheng Pu (Taiwan) ˝ Still Here, 2010, 4:50
    Edward Ramsay-Morin (USA) ˝ As Dreams Sometimes Do, 2013, 3: 19
    AdriĚn Regnier ChĚvez (Mexico) ˝ C of La Fuga, 2014, 4:56
    Ausin Sainz (Spain) ˝ The Unborn, 2014, 4:43
    Mikio Saito (Japan) ˝ Stripes Too Stripes, 2010, 8:33
    Julie Skarland (AU) ˝ Angeline, 2013, 2:49
    Ben Skea (UK) ˝ Sleep Vessel, 2013, 2:43
    Wojtek Skowron (Poland) ˝ Beetles in Boxes, 2014, 3:56
    Karolien Soete (Belgium) ˝ Tempus Fugit , 2013, 3:53
    Po-Wei Su (Taiwan)- Plastic Flowers, 2014, 2:56
    Ramon Suau (Spain) ˝ Xaoh, 2014, 4:17
    Ozan Turkkan (Turkey) ˝ Bipolar Fractal, 2013, 4.32
    Adriano Vesicchelli (Italy) ˝ Agent of Chaos, 2014, 3:51
    Mizmor Watzman (Israel) ˝ A Thing So Small, 2013, 9:00
    Susanne Wiegner (Germany) ˝ Home, Sweet Mome!, 2014, 2:59
    Owen Eric Wood (CA) ˝ Corrida Autotopia, 2014, 5:00
    Ezra Wube (Ethiopia) ˝ Kaled, 2014, 6:10
8. Alienated Processes -- Urban Processes 2
curated by Marina Fomenko || Now & After Videoart Festival Moscow
    Roman Mokrov, Never Ending Story, 2011, 6:50
    Marina Fomenko, The Depot, 2012, 5:10
    Haim Sokol, Witness, 2011, 3:50
    Marina Chernikova, Info Surfing/Moscow 2, 2012, 1:30
    Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Babylon 2010, 2010, 5:00
    Dmitry Bulnygin, Bad Carma, 2010, 6:27
[Inter]mission possible | curated by Gioula Papadopoulou
Videoart Festival Miden, Kalamata/Greece
    1. Pask D'Amico, L' Homme Grotesque, Italy 2012, 2.43
    2. Ben Oren, Full English, UK 2012, 2.16
    3. Yuliya Lanina, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, USA, 2012, 3.04
    4. Anno Bergmann, Liebe, Germany 2012, 0.26 
    5. Paul Freeman, An Inside Story, Canada 2012, 6.35
    6. Nadine Arbeiter, "9 Variationen ohne Thema" / "9 variations without theme", Germany 2012, 5.45
    7. Shon Kim, Oloc Boloc, S.Korea 2013, 2.16
    8. Mauricio Sanhueza, My Old ManÝs Pistol, Peru 2012, 2.33
    9. Tommi Matikka, Small Heroes, Finland/Senegal 2013, 2.17
    10. Neno Belchev, Negative message (Middle finger), Bulgaria 2012, 1.15
9. Aliented ecologies -- IMPLICATION
curated by Marina Fomenko
    1. Brit Bunkley, Up River Blues, New Zealand, 4:39
    2. Eren Newell, Letters from Frank, UK, 3:13
    3. Youki Hirakawa, Floating into the Night, Japan, 3:14
    4. Karimah Ashsdu, Lagos Island, Nigeria/UK, 4:45
    5. Marina Fomenko, Modus Operandi/Sea&Waltz, Russia, 6:02
    6. Gianluca Abbate, Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri, Italy, Microbioma, 5:00
Multiple Ecologies
curated by Vera Tyuleneva
    1. Roser Teresa Gerona Ribas (Spain). Landscape1. Landscape 2. 06:08
    2. Tania D╠az (Mexico). La devoreuse. 03:12
    3. Ana B. / Nuno M. Pereira (Portugal). The Kingdom. 02:36
    4. Fabrizzio Suito (Peru). Serotonin. 03:56
    5. Isabella Gresser (Germany). Smart Seoul Poem. 03:42
    6. Melinda ńefcic (Croatia). Mirror of my soul. 03:51


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