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The 5th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2010) was played out through February 19-20-21, 2010 , in the sylvan spaces of Sattal Estate, near Bhimtal, in the Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakhand.

CeC 2010 was part-funded by Pro Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland

This incident is successfully concluded

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Images from CeC 2010
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Images from CeC 2010
Most of the images below were shot by Ashok Mehta

Shankar Barua jumps at the opportunity to address the participants gathering for the 'closed-door' meeting of the first day, accidentally exposing his bald patch to the camera in the process

Graziano Kratli and others sneak off to check out the incident-catalogue instead

Emma Ota and Rashi Jain generously make a show of listening to the babble

Ingrid Lode clearly seems to be tired of it all already. Or, was she just bitten by a bug?

Joker Nies introduces himself into the circus, apparently triggering grave concern at this on the part of Dafna Naphtali, at left

Bettina Wenzel disclaims all responsibility in the matter, even though it later transpires that she's known Joker from before, in their hometown Cologne

Ima Pico, Dafna Napthali and Graziano Kratli urgently discuss the matter during a tea break

Dafna Napthali and Hans Tammen's elder daughter Katya clearly has better things to do with herself

Kurt Korthals threatens to let a genie out of his bottle, to the apparent trepidation of Hans Tammen, at left

Lionel Dentan takes time out during a tea break to explain to Dhananjay Gadre that smoking kills

Mohit Satyanand reminisces about the massive work-pressures of having been a Founder-Trustee of The AeA through the course of the first two iterations of The Carnival of e-Creativity

Parag Gandhi expresses brazen disbelief at there being any great work-pressure at all involved in doing such things

Vidya Shah inquires of Mohit whether everthing has since been uphill or down

Preeti Monga and Mani Venugopal have themselves a little giggle at the goings-on

Shankar Barua reassures Rahul Dinakaran that things are not in fact on the verge of collapse

Shazeb Shaikh keeps all papers in hand, standing ready to launch litigation

Shankat Barua bursts out laughing as his robotic-drummer blows up on stage

Paola Lazo, Michael Ormiston (fine-tuning his Tibetan singing-bowl with a quick glug of water from it), Aparna Panshikar and Jayen Varma, launch into the first proper performance of CeC 2010, with Mangesh Dhaundiyal marshalling audio, bottom-left

Dhananjay Gadre's heart gets all aglow in the course of his presentation

Emma Ota cooly projects her presentation directly onto a backdrop, since a proper screen is not yet in place

Ima Pico manages just as well with a proper screen in place

'Intervolution' presents the first evening-performance, with (from left to right, on stage), Lawrence Casserley processing voice-work by Bettina Wenzel, Aparna Panshikar, Ingrid Lode, and multiple instrumentation by Michael Ormiston

Lawrence Casserley snapped up in deep concentration by Ashok Mehta

Ingrid Lode seemed to be almost blushing as the gathering is enchanted by playback of a recording of some of her mainstream singing

A scene outside the tent during a break between presentations/performances

Abhinay Khoparzi in deep concentration during his performance

Aparna Panshikar clearly delighted in performance with Kurt Korthals

Preeti Monga delighting all in conversation with her computer

Dafna Napthali sweats through preparing a special patch to perform together with Vidya Shah for the very first time, whilst Vidya's obviously got her mind and ears elsewhere

Joker Nies gutsily exposes deep dark secrets in the art of circuit-bending

Joy Sharma strips down to shirt-sleeves to set up his solenoid drummer,..

.. before donning a butch leather jacket and dancing shoes to deliver his presentation

Lionel Dentan snapped shortly before he ran out of hands enough to handle his performance (upon which of course, feet came into play)

Manjula Jhunjhunwala restores some sense of seriousness into the proceedings

Ish Sherawat manfully manifests the Delhi Hairy Monster to be contrasted against Dhanya Pilo's courageous role-playing of the Dimunitive Desi Mumbaiakar

Dhananjay Gadre draws an exclusive spell for Tara and Katya in the Swiss Audio Zone, with a hands-on introduction to some of his electronics mischief

Vaishnavi Sundararajan very supportively providing a pretty picture

Ashok Mehta, caught at last without his camera, whilst preparing a slide-show with which to close the whole circus

Dhanya Pilo joins Shankar Barua, the day after it was all over, in awarding Subhash Chandra Arya the blanket he had stencilled for the Swiss Audio Zone (the stencilling is on the hidden side of the blanket in this image)

A wee bit of press-coverage we discovered the circus to have received in far-off New Delhi

:::: SUPPORT & THANKS ::::


:::: Infrastructure Support ::::
Ashim Ghosh
Mangesh Dhaundiyal
Sattal Estate
Shankar Barua
Pankuj & Mahinder Kanwal

:::: Participant Support ::::
Arts Council of England
American Music Center (Composer Assistance Program)
National Fund for the Arts, Chilean Government
The Danish Composers Society
The Wahlgren Foundation
Bandish ~ The School of Music
The Academy of Electronic Arts
Sattal Estate
:::: Thanks also To ::::
Chandrika Grover, for believing
Tom Scarff, for a special hardware contribution
Matthew John Davey (aka HardOff), for creating a special PD patch
Joy Sharma, for electronics advisory
Swar Systems, for a special software contribution


The Academy of Electronic Arts (also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts) is a Public Benefit Trust that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution
Managing Trustee & Incident Director for CeC 2010
Shankar Barua

Co-Curator: Ima Pico (Spain)
Co-Curator: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

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