The Academy
of e-Arts


The 4th annual Carnival of e-Creativity
(CeC 2009)
February 27, 28 & March 1, 2009

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Post-Incident Report

This incident is successfully concluded

Almost all of the images below were shot by Deepak Thapa
What is not covered here, is the screenings and exhibition segment,
as well as a couple of ad hoc late-nights

Good ole Desraj, of the Sattal Estate crew, gets down to re-plastering the wall assigned for screening of the unaccompanied works, in Flowermead Cottage

Meanwhile, Durga and Pearey Lal, also of the estate crew, prepare a replacement roof-beam for the same cottage, where exhibits are also to be deployed

Two views of the general venue. Flowermead Cottage, at left, was where the screenings and exhibits were deployed. Flowermead, up amongst the trees centre-frame, was where the first-meet was held, and where day-meals, snacks, and a general hideaway for participants were all laid out. And, at right in the lower image is the mountainous mess of the party tent, meant for the performances and presentations, almost fully set up

Ashim Ghosh wonders how come a little lady like Dhanya Pilo can launch such a big laugh at the situation that everyone finds themselves in,...

... as compared to the titters and light laughter of others gathering at the same time for the First Meet of the first morning

But of course, things turn serious as the meeting gets underway

Nonetheless, Marc Lee is spotted sneaking in a little giggle along the way (at right)

Aparna Panshikar, David Jimenez & Shankar Barua pen themselves into the open schedule

Meanwhile, the stage is swept up,.. before that cussed gap streaming direct sunlight in was finally addressed

Roger Sinha gets a couple of local kids to jangle his vibrating sensor-balls for signal-checks during set-up

Meanwhile, Ingeborg & Jopo Poffet check things out for their own presentation

Shankar Barua forgets to tuck his shirt into his pants to deliver the opening welcome, and associated blah

Marc Lee plays it safe by delivering his presentation seated

Meera Panshikar joins her daughter Aparna to yield a rare jugalbandhi of classical Hindustani vocal alaap and taans, for the first performance of CeC 2009

Aparna is then joined by Ashim Ghosh (not in pic), in experimental collaboration with Shankar's beautifully bumbling amateur effort at live audio-video processing

Chloe Cramer, Ratna Raman, Preeti Anirudh & Susan Vishwanathan cuddle up in the audience, to keep themselves warm

Shankar tries to do several things simultaneously in the course of the experimental performance, including holding a guitar-pick in his teeth

Roger Sinha launches into his 'Zeros & Ones' performance, with spoken narrative,..

... before proceeding to dance the story, driving audio & video at the same time, with his actions

Ratna Raman delivers her presentation, with a poetry-book inimitably in her lap

And, the audience is of course engrossed in trying to figure it out

A group of local ladies in the audience patiently await translation,..

... as Anirudh Goutham delivers an exposition on animation in India, including works of his own company

Another view of the audience,...

... as Anders Bogen & Kristoffer Orum present an overview of their works and projects

And, still another view of a section of the audience,...

... whilst Michael Aschauer reveals the technological secret behind his classic, and classy, river-views

Michael Aschaeur and Vineet Sabharwal demonstrate gestures to each other, between presentations, while Kristoffer Orum wonders what on earth they're on about

And then, Gonzalo Ortiz takes the stage to speak of Spanish-Indian cultural ties, histories, projections, and intent

Gonazlo Ortiz then takes a moment out to jockey Shankar Barua into position for a portrait of the latter's bald-patch,...

... before Moritz Neumuller comes on with prophetically authoritative revelations on some of the new roads that 'art' has begun to take globally

Dhanya Pilo sets up to do live video in experimental collaboration with Jopo & Ingeborg Poffet, while Mangesh sets up audio,...

... and Ashim steps up to try and help Ingeborg & Jopo work their way through a pre-performance glitch

Ingeborg & Jopo smoothly transit into acoustic mode with Aparna, upon being hit by the performance's final killer glitch

(insider joke: 'Granma, what big boots you wear'~:o)

Anirudh goes pop-eyed, while his wife Preeti holds a cigarette for him behind her ear in the background,...

... as Manuel Schmalstieg, Chloe Cramer & Boris Kish launch into the first presentation of the last day

Chloe points to detail in a projection

And Manuel gets down to looking it up

Ashim Ghosh listens in from the audience

As does Gonzalo Ortiz

Manuel takes cover behind his laptop

While Boris launches his big voice, and points fingers

Tommas Dolcetta picks his beard, while Krisgatha Achmad hides the fact that he hadn't brought one,..

... and Jopo Poffet retreats into the sanctuary of shadow

David Jimenez modestly speaks of some of the unusual things that he has begun to do with some of his extraordinary photographs

And then mesmerizes the gathering by projecting a simple sequence of just some of the images themselves, set beautifully to music

Tommas gets into the groove for his yoga performance of the evening,..

... while Krisgatha tweaks his Max/Msp/Jitter patch for the audio-video

Dhananjay Gadre gets his LED-heart bubbling before his presentation, with a touch from Gisela Serrano,..

... while Dhanya tries to light Nehul Malhotra's fire, with his LED matchstick

Vinny Bhagat checks out Dhanajay's LED touch-interface for, amongst other possibilities, midi-control

Ashim delivers the last presentation of the 2009 series

Krisgatha Achmad launches into the first performance of the last evening, simultaneously juggling both live-electroacoustics and manipulated-video

... even as Ingeborg & Jopo too join in, while Tommas still holds his opening asana

Boris silhouetted against Manuel's video-projection in the next performance of the last evening, with Chloe hidden in the shadows

And then, Chloe too slips into silhouette, even as Manuel remains offstage, pumping audio-video, with brilliantly fluent live-programming in Max/Msp/Jitter

Finally, the last performance of the last evening sets up: Maria Fava doing live-video, Vinny Bhagat doing live electroacoustics, and Ashhar Farooqui doing vocals, with live-processing

The hardcore fringe of the audience is bent upon seeing it all through to the end, even though things are getting to be quite late this evening; not least because a power-amp has just sparked out

Maria was sometimes visible through the performance, as she was closest to the audience,..

.. but the boys stayed hidden in shadow throughout (at left), which, with Ashhar at least, was as usual~;o)

:::: Infrastructure Support ::::

Ashim Ghosh
Lillian Wallace
Sattal Estate
Shiva Rana
Sameer Rana
Bacchus Barua
Hemu Kanwal

:::: Participant Support ::::

Pro Helvetia
Embassy of Spain
Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Bandish ~ The School of Music
Arts Network Asia
PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia
Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture
Canada Council for the Arts
Consiel des Arts Montreal
Consiel des Art et de Lettres Quebec
SUISA-Stiftung fur Musik
SIS Schweizerische Interpreten Stiftung
The Academy of Electronic Arts

:::: Organizers ::::

The Academy of Electronic Arts (The AeA) is a Private Trust that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution.
Managing Trustee of The AeA & Incident Director for CeC 2009: Shankar Barua
Co-Curator: Ima Pico (Spain)
Co-Curator: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Co-Curator: Moritz Neumuller (Spain)

Thank you All